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At Allied Construction NY, we're experts at working in busy New York commercial settings. We offer a wide variety of concrete services. Whether its foundations, slabs or sidewalks, our crews produce some of the finest craftsmanship on the east coast.


If you're looking for a general construction contractor that is able to bring you authentic New York City roof repairs, then look no more. You'll be proud of your roof when we're done with it. Contact us to make appointments.

Brick Pointing

Is your brick mortar falling? Does your home need a solid layer renovation? Our grinding and pointing specialists can take care of it all. Whatever brick problem you face, let us handle it for you and make your home or building as good as new.

Side Walks

If you're having trouble with sidewalks, not to worry. We've got you covered. Our team does the best possible job with sidewalks you will ever witness. In addition to this, all the pesky city violations that are troubling you will be long gone when we’re done with our work.

Doors and Windows

Our brilliant door replacement team offer a variety of door styles, from entry doors to interior doors, sliding glass patio doors and much more. You can rely on our trained and experienced craftsmen and trust them in giving you exactly what you envisioned.


Are you looking to convert your basement, attic or vault into a dry usable space or just looking to rid the property of damp? Look no further. Our specialists choose the best possible options to free you of all your troubles and worries. Just give us a call!


Allied Construction NY has been flooring the opposition in every field of home renovation for over one and a half decade. We provide a complete variety of services in the field of carpeting and flooring. Operating also as a floor installation company and specializing as local flooring installers.

Interior & Exterior

You can rest assured with our New York City home repairs and restoration experts who are ever-ready with their thorough and attentive services pertaining to general carpentry, interior and exterior painting, doors, windows, and a variety of other home improvement and handyman services.


NYC home owners need not worry when Allied Construction NY is working as one of the leading Stucco repair contractors as a one-stop solution to all your stucco snags, The longer you wait to repair exterior damage, the greater the probability of damage to the wood, which will be heavier on your wallets.


Allied Construction NY extends its working in the field of staircase construction. We are certified stair installers, repairing stairs, laminating staircases, and also installing modern wooden staircases.Our company extends its Step Installation and Step repair services to all types of New York City homes.


Allied Construction NY holds its place among the top notch local masonry contractors. We specialize in not only brick masonry construction, but rather in all kinds of masonry repair services that you may be requiring.Our specialists offer services in brick work, stone work, stucco, and concrete.


Allied Construction NY can revamp existing patios, expand your patio, design custom-made patios and install completely new patios at your home anywhere in New York and beyond. We are skilled at utilizing a large selection of materials including paving, Indian sandstone, granite, standard slabbing etc.